Unique Gifts for Art Enthusiast

Your friend who is an art lover has an occasion. You want to gift them with something that will last for a long time to come but you have no idea what to offer them. One of the things that you must do is to consider what they like and in this case, art is an option. With the many options that are there, you will find something fascinating to offer them. 

Give Them a Copy of a Masterpiece

There are many legend artists, especially from Europe. From Pablo Picasso, Monet to Vincent Van Gogh, there is a lot of art masterpieces out there. A copy of such great works of art makes a unique and perfect gift to an art lover. It might be an expensive option but worth the investment lest assured that any art lover would like one.

Their Painted Photos

This is a gift that even when one is not an art enthusiast will love. It’s a unique gift that not many people will think about gifting someone. They don’t have to know what you are planning since all you will need is their portrait which is easy to get. However, it’s paramount that you get a professional to do it so as to bring out the best in the painting. This is actually one of the most impressive gifts that you can offer someone.

An Art History Book

Art has a long history from time immemorial. Art has changed and it has transformed the world significantly but one thing remains clear, it’s ever compelling. For an art lover, they want to learn more about art, famous artists and what influenced them, where they can get masterpieces and various eras in the history of art. There are several relevant books that will make a great gift.

Get Them a Starter Kit

Perhaps they would like to try their hand in painting or they are already enrolled in an art school. If this is the case, you can get them a set of quality art supplies. The kit should include all they need to start painting such as pastels, paints, canvas, and pencils among other essentials. This will help them practice something they love. The kit should be well designed for proper organization. With a painting kit that is portable, they can work from where especially when nature inspires them.

Ways that Professionals in All Fields can boost their Creativity

In life, whether you are an artist, an article writer or a business person among other things, you must be creative. Creativity will not only make you feel great, but it is also crucial for your mental health. The more you keep your mind busy and try to come up with new things, the better it is for your advancing age. You always have to reignite your creativity in the best way possible.

  • Work Out

One way that you can boost your creativity is by exercising. As you are jogging, taking a walk, riding a stationary bike or running on the treadmill, it’s easy to ignite your creative thinking. Exercising will help you avoid being stuck with the same thoughts over and over again.

  • Look at Things in Different Perspectives

Looking at things the same way over and over again will never make you creative. It’s only in looking at things from different perspectives that you can approach them differently. Experts talk about the “six thinking hats” and recommended that one uses them to enhance their creativity.

This approach helps in looking at things from different angles considering the possibilities, new ideas, the facts, alternatives and where things could be wrong. It becomes easy to discover new things.

  • Enhance Pattern Recognition Skills

This is very important if you are to boost your creativity. When you improve your pattern-recognition patterns in different areas, it is easy to predict the outcome of things and even know different ways of approaching each problem. Ensure that you broaden your knowledge whenever possible.

  • Just Relax

When your mind is at peace and relaxed, it’s easy to become creative unlike when you are trying hard to turn imaginations into reality. Stressing it too much could lead to more stress and even issues coming up with ideas. Whether you opt to just lay in bed, sit outdoors or go for a walk, do not overlook your rest. It’s at this time that your mind could come up with a new idea and the best way to implement it.

  • Engage in Creative Activities

There are plenty of fun activities that you can engage in and it’s quite surprising how effective they can be. Activities such as playing chess, photography and drawing are effective in boosting your originality.

Creativity is important in all aspects of life whether it’s for business or it’s personal. As it turns out, engaging in creative activities, relaxing your mind and enhancing your pattern recognition skills are a great way to improve your creativity and originality in general.

How kids can benefit from arts and crafts

Every parent wants the best for their children. They want to see them grow and develop. There are several activities that can make children develop quicker. But is arts and crafts one of them?

Many parents have the false notion that arts and crafts will not add any value to their children. Reports from notable schools around the world have shown that there are a lot of benefits associated with learning arts and crafts, especially for children.

We are going to be looking at some of these benefits in this article.

Improved coordination

Crafts and arts usually involve kids working with their hands, it also involves them moving their hands simultaneously and sometimes in a particular manner. This helps them to develop their fine motor skill and coordination, which is likely going to help them learn how to approach other activities like showering, dressing and so on. It may also help them in sports as they grow older.

 Hone fine motor skills

Fine motor skill is related to small movements like picking up tiny objects, manipulating a pencil or a pen to draw and so on. Your child’s motor skill is going to improve, as he works with different colours and create an art masterpiece.

Improved visual processing ability

You find it easy to identify colours and patterns without thinking twice because you worked on crafts and your artistic efforts were promoted when you were a child. Helping your little princes make a masterpiece while reinforcing the names of colours and objects, is going to boost your child’s visual processing capabilities now and in the future.

It promotes executive functioning

Executive functioning depicts controlling impulses, focusing attention and using working memory. All these skills are promoted effectively when your child crafts something amazing. These skill guided behaviour is going to benefit your child academically.

Increased self-esteem

One of the most critical stages of child development is when they learn how to feel good about themselves. Art and craft empower children with positive emotional responses. When you promote and encourage the creativity of your child, he is going be proud of himself.

It encourages creativity

The imagination of a child has no limit. Arts and crafts are a perfect window for your kids to export their imagination. Arts and crafts also encourage kids to become more innovative and creative. This may further nurture other creative talents they may have.

Final note

The bottom line is that crafts and arts play a very important role in the development of children.

Ways to Boost the Look of Your Garage

It’s easy to overlook the appearance of your garage just because it’s for parking your car and nothing more. As you focus on adding value to your property, this is one of the places that you should not overlook. Although a professional can work on it, you can also use your creativity to improve the look of the garage.

  • Work on the Ceiling


The ceiling is as important as the walls of your garage. You can add fiberglass insulation and install a drywall over it. The beauty of this is you can do it yourself if you know how.


  • Repaint the door


Your garage door is the first thing that someone will see when they go to the garage thus it should be in the best of appearance. Just because it is a garage, it does not mean that you paint it in weird and unattractive colors.

It should at least match the theme of your house. Get creative and use the most suitable color and paint depending on the overall look of your home. You only need a few hours to get this done.

  • Work on the Floors


Garages can be used for other things besides parking the car. It can be used for holding parties or as a workstation. Renovating the floors and painting them is a great way to lift its looks. Get a professional to do this and choose from varieties of flooring options. Go for bright colors.


  • Update the Light Fixtures


Lights give a different appearance to everything. The looks of a garage will be enhanced when the lights are updated. To complement the look of the garage from inside to outside, it is important that you replace the lights and install those that match the theme of your home.

  • Declutter it


For those that use the garage as storage, it should be decluttered. No matter how well it is renovated or decorated, it will look ugly if it is cluttered. If there is anything that you do not need, do not keep it in your garage.


A garage can significantly improve the overall value of your home thus it should not be neglected. With a little creativity from time to time, you can give your garage a fresh and amazing look. Keeping it organized, renovating the walls, the floor, the ceiling and repainting the door will play a vital role in how appealing the garage will be.

How Can Creativity Change the World?

The world is a beautiful place to live in. It is filled with beauty and magnificence. Each place in the world has its own marvelous way of life. It has its own culture and traditions that gives its unique and diverse trademark. And what’s constant in this world is change.

There is change everywhere. Every year, many things change in different fields and industries. And I believe it’s because of creativity. The imagination of every person in this world is filled with creativity. This gives them the power to make a change here in our world. So how can creativity change the world? Here are the ways.

By New Ideas

Many people have ideas but very few have great ones. And these people have imaginations that fly out of their heads soaring to different heights. That is their creativity. If the people have vast ideas they can create many things. They can fill this world with marvelous and awesome ideas turned into reality. And with it, they can make a change.

People just have to believe in themselves and be optimistic. In positive people comes the imagination of great wealthy creativity. It is important to have faith in one’s self in order to create change.

By Creating New Ideas from Old Ones

As we grow we learn new things. And as we learn new things, sooner we learn more. You see, we can create new things from old things just as we learn new things from old ones. This is like relearning an old skill making it new. Just like recycling things.

Garbage or old materials are saved and remade to become new objects letting us reuse it. This is a good way in changing our world. We can help save the environment by recycling and create new trends with these reusable materials.


By Creating Heritage, Culture, and Traditions

Creativity is created from our minds flourishes to become reality. Heritage, Cultures, and traditions are things that creativity can create. Through the imaginative mind of people, they create forms of art that are turned into these things. From prehistoric times to the modern times we have these things because of the great minds of humanity.

Our mind is powerful. It just needs to be molded in order to make great ideas. That is why there are different and amazing cultures and traditions in the world. It’s because of the thinking of our people.

By Creating Opportunities for People

Our mind is a powerful thing. And with this, we can think of ways to create opportunities for people. We can create work for everyone here in this world. If we could just think more of other people’s needs and worth, we can make this world a better place to live in. In third world countries, many people are jobless.

That is why if we have created in us we can help think of ways on how to create more jobs for them. There will be more people that can live abundantly and lesser people who are starving. Through works, they can also pay for their children’s education and can help them have jobs as well in the future.

I believe through the creative minds of different people we can make a change. Let us be inspired and think of more ideas that will make this world a better place. Give everybody a chance to have a fruitful living. Make this world a wonderful place to live in. Hopefully this coming year there will be a positive change in this world. Let’s give chance to one another for a new life.

Millennials: How their unpredictable creativity will save us

As Joel Stein called them in the TIME’s article, the “Me Me Me Generation”, millennials are often criticized for being selfish and lazy. Roughly born between 1980 and 2000, Millennials are associated with being materialistic, entitlement and rule breakers. But these exact characteristics is what makes them so incredibly creative and it may just save us from ourselves.

Hierarchy? What is that?

Millennials believe in themselves and their ideas. Existing structures, bureaucracy and hierarchy are systems that bother them. Given, sometimes they are stubborn and know-it-alls, but in an attempt to be authentic and free, they often create their entirely own systems that older generations hadn’t considered. This creativity to achieve what they want and more importantly, HOW they want it, opens new doors for new opportunities.

Challenging Conventions

When one stops questioning the already established, eventually we will remain stuck. If no one would have questioned the accepted norms, who knows, maybe the world would still be flat right now. If there is one thing this generation is good at, it is an ongoing curiosity and a ubiquitous interest in challenging the established. In order to see flaws, to make assumptions and to open up to new things a certain creative immaturity is of great use. This generation is able to connect things, see things and visualize in ways that were previously taboo.

Resourceful, flexible and adaptable

Millennials grew up in a time of increasing globalism. The world is shrinking and to many of them, it was never any different. There is no longer the need to be so settled, to be so structured. Millennials are vastly resourceful and flexible and in consequence, adapt. Partly based on their technological mindset, partly based on the lack of fatalistic order, there is no problem too big to be solved with a bit of creativity.


The notion that artists are lost souls that couldn’t hack it in the real world is outdated. Platforms such as youtube, facebook, and Instagram have helped plenty of them to impressive fortune. But even in the everyday life, more and more millennials are being hired for precisely their creative problem-solving abilities that make them stand out. Being a little weird may have been frowned upon in the past, but standing out now, being different and authentic is what makes the difference.

Connecting the unconnectable

As William Plomer said: “Creativity is the power to connect to the seemingly unconnected.”

So many more jobs, careers, and passions exist than just a few years ago. Millennials are authentic, resourceful and will not conform to an office job in something they do not like. If they have a passion, they will find a way to use it and in the process, discover entire new job opportunities. They have the capability to connect their passions, play around with them and mold them to their needs and desires.

If there is one thing that Millennials are it is creative, and this may just be what will ultimately save us.

Five perfect jobs for those who love art

Up to 10 years ago, contemporary art was considered a hard material but today it has become glamor, which means that the world of fashion loves to surround itself with art, to attend the “collateral” events of artistic events, in particular, art fairs, become true red carpet where models, showbiz personalities, fashion designers screaming. But what are the professional ambitions of those who aspire to work in the art world? And what are the 5 perfect jobs? After the 5 works ideal for all book lovers, we offer the 5 perfect jobs for those who love art and culture.


For Galleria, we mean the gallery assistant. Most coveted by the very young, fresh from higher studies, for various reasons: contacts with renowned artists, travel to reach the exhibition sites spread all over the world, access to the armored after-show parties. I remember a little book on the label in the art published in New York a few years ago and I was particularly struck by this phrase “the gallery assistants are not required to speak unless they are asked to do so”.

Independent curators

I wonder why what in all other categories of work is called freelance, in art, we must call independent. In essence, they are those curators who do not work for institutions or museums but for temporary projects for several clients. They feel freer, more multidisciplinary, but as soon as a competition for a museum is published, they catapult themselves.


They are now thousands. Specifically, you never know what they do but say they take care of art. Their priority is to always find the right outfit for every occasion. How to blame them? Drinking a drink on the terrace of the Guggenheim in Venice is one thing, going to the opening of an indoor gallery, quite another … And the terror of being overdressed? Dressing or undressing, this is the problem.

Art blogger

If in the fashion world they have been for a while, in the art world it is a fairly recent category. The dynamic is more or less the same. If your blog has the numbers, you will be invited to the opening, to the dinners. The only difference is that you will not turn with a picture under your arm or a light installation on your head. Winking at brands, dressing their creations is certainly less cumbersome. But soon it will be the turn of fashion bloggers passionate about art.

Curator of the document

Every young curator from every part of the world, independent, institutional, part-time, aspiring, dreams of being the curator of one of the two events. Moreover, they are the most important in the world. When you have edited a document, you can also withdraw. Of course, in the art world, only if you have reached 70 years and have cured in the meantime hundreds of exhibitions all over the world, especially in the areas considered the new art markets: Emirates, China, India, Brazil, and Mexico.


Bathroom Remodel and Redesign Tips

Bathrooms are one of the most important rooms in the house, but sadly no one seems to care. People would rather remodel the garage than the bathroom. But all hope is not lost. You can give your bathroom the respect that it deserves and remodel or redesign it to give it a fresh modern look. Besides the bathroom occupies just a tiny fraction of the whole house, hence renovating it wouldn’t be so difficult or take much time. And it will of course cost way less.

Here are a few pointers of how to go about your bathroom remodel and redesign.


Bathroom redesign will help declutter the room. This will make it easier to trace an item without turning the bathroom upside down and creating a mess. How do you go about it? Get a spice rack or wall mounted shelves as they occupy less space unlike cabinets.

Get a colorful basket to store your towels. This ensures clean towel is available when needed. Remember to fold or roll them neatly.

Fix towel bars to dry the towels faster and avoid that musty towel smell.

Quality over quantity

When doing a bathroom redesign always choose quality over quantity. It’s best to buy one quality item rather than three items for that same price. The point here is to avoid buying unnecessary stuff that just fills the bathroom.

Bathroom accessories

These will enhance the look of the bathroom and make it elegant and sophisticated.

Wall and floor tiles- having bright, colorful tiles will add more color to your bathroom and make it more stylish than having a boring monochrome color that is dull.

Mirror- a mirror will add more light and sparkle to the bathroom. It also makes a small bathroom seem larger than it is. You will be surprised by just how the magic touch of a mirror can transform your bathroom.

Lighting accessories- The mood of the bathroom can also be improved by installing stylish lighting. Warm lighting accessories such as small pendant bulbs are an excellent choice. When the lights are turned on there is no doubt you will just fall in love with the sight of your bathroom.

How Creativity is Quickly Shaping Modern Fashion

The art of fashion and design is among the fastest growing industries in the contemporary world. The industry is composed of a combination of values such as talent and creativity. This is evident in the changing patterns and trends in the industry. Such changes in trends and patterns result from increasing creativity and desire by fashion designers to create unique forms of arts. Creativity is the core foundation on which modern arts in fashion and design is growing.

What Motivates Creativity in Fashion?

Creativity in fashion and design is triggered by the need to increase quality, the need to increase value for money, achievement of brand identity and individuality. Creativity in the art of fashion and design is the principle upon which design of new fashion products is based.

Also, creativity in the fashion industry today is motivated by the need to satisfy the 21st-century mindsets. As a result, most fashion designers have portrayed their interests in thinking new design ideas.  Consequently, there is a rising wave of competitiveness in the fashion industry. This has motivated designers to focus on new designs to stay within modern trends.

Moreover, it is the desire for each designer in fashion to sustain their customers. With this in mind, they must acknowledge the 21st-century mindset is founded on innovations and changing patterns.

What is Influencing Changes in Fashion?

The shift from one fashion design to another is affected by changing cultures. Today, some major stakeholders significantly affect people’s perception of fashion. They include books, musicians, TV shows, politicians, and films.  With this in mind, it is important that modern cultures change over time. They are always looking for new ways of enhancing their popularity.

In modern fashion, such changes involve; new clothing styles, new hairstyles, and different forms of jewelry. Also, Fashion is used as a way of identification. It is often possible to tell who a person is, his or her social class through fashion. For instance, people from the upper social class will often purchase expensive clothing, expensive cars, and other expensive products. This is unlike the lower social class who will go for less expensive products.

How do People Adopt New Arts in Fashion?

Often, people assume new fashions through imitation. There is a trend where people desire to dress like their favorite stars. Therefore, they have no option other than to acquire the fashion designs of their stars. They will buy shoes, clothes, and jewelry similar to that of their favorite stars.  As a result, fashion develops and takes a new shape over time. A big number of people today spend hours looking into the magazine and advertisements to identify the trending styles. Besides, people want to look unique. They will, therefore, adopt unique styles which later starts trending.

So the arts in fashion design have evolved. Changing cultures, competitiveness, imitation and the need to distinguish oneself from others are key motivators to fashion evolution.

Arts/Creativity and Design as an Integral Part of Modern Life

Arts is an integral part modern life without which, life would seem worthless. There are constant but critical changes in the way we live each day.  These changes have affected the aspects of life including culturally, socially and technologically.

These adjustments emerge from the trends in arts and designs. The design is responsible for the contemporary innovations. It is, therefore, not possible to ignore the critical role that Arts/creativity and design in the modern arts play to improve the quality of lives for the human race.

What Inspires Creativity in Arts/Design?

Rapidly changing technology is the main inspiration for the increasing innovation.  The development in Arts/design has triggered the emergence of various trends and patterns. For instance, the development in the fashion industry has fostered a generation of different clothing trends. These patterns depict different designs.

Consequently, a significant growth of the cosmetic industry is evident today. With this in mind, creativity in design has given birth to new forms of products. As a result, cultural and social integration has significantly changed. The contemporary global society has taken a new shape due to the present trends. Most of these changing trends are in fashion and design as well as in technological evolution.

Technology as a Reference

Technology shifts are the key recommendations for Arts creativity. Over the last decade, new products and services emerge. Today, the world is comparable to a global village. All credit goes to the development of modern communication devices such as mobile phones. People from all corners of the world can share information with ease through online platforms such as email address, chat forums like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter. Creativity has inspired the development of modern architectural designs. These designs are evident in; modern cities, infrastructural design and recreational facilities just to name a few.

How is Arts/Creativity or Design Being Enhanced

From a design perspective, there is much creativity evident with the increased rate of digital skills. However, there is a rising demand for designers to generate more models. It is because market demand is steadily increasing. These claims occur due to the quick rate at which technology is advancing. Therefore, a modern form of art is adopted in higher institutions of learning including Universities and Colleges. It has triggered a steady rise of innovation.

Learning Institutions to Spearhead Arts/ Design

Contemporary designers in digital technologies have expressed their views about the future changes in models. Designers hold the opinion that art design is changing rapidly. It is most likely that the world is in the era of a major transition. Therefore, there is a need for the institutions of learning to increase their investment in modern forms of Arts/designs and creativity. It will equip learners with skills and knowledge on the modern forms of design. Moreover, it will inspire more creativity which will further steer improvement of different dorms of designs.

In conclusion, contemporary improvement in designs has inspired creativity over the last decade. These changes have caused shifts in cultural, technological and social aspects of modern living for most people. As a result, there has been improved living condition following the social integration in the world. There is still greater chances for changes in design following the adoption of contemporary designs as learning tools in colleges and Universities.