Do you love traveling? Do different places, cultures and natural views amuse you? You are a very common human being. There are only less than 1% people who don’t get thrilled like you do for traveling. 70% of the total traveling in the first decade of this century was not for business reasons. It is more than twice of business purpose.

So, we don’t travel because we have to, instead, we travel because we want to. The ability to walk is a gift for the animals from nature. Unlike other animals, humans travel, learn, gather information and use them conscious and/or subconscious mind.

This is the only reason our knowledge spread and we are the only walking species on Earth with complex social structure and civilization. Is it too much of traveling is said to be the reason to make is human? How does traveling make us do that? Let’s find out.

Travelling Expands Your Way of Thinking

Travelling gives you the opportunity to get connected with people with different languages, ways of thinking, types of problems and methods to solve them. It gives you the chance to integrate new cultures and ideas which widen you thinking and enables you to try to follow paths out of the box. And thinking different is the basement of creativity.

Travelling Makes Problem-Solving Easier

“A man’s mind is stretched by a new idea or sensation, and never shrinks back to its former dimensions.” ― Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.

Civilization didn’t get created in a day. Human emerged in different parts of the world and they knew each other when they traveled to know more about their surroundings. This gave our ancestors a chance to share their knowledge and implement them in their own way.

We do the same. Travelling provides us a new way to try to solve our problem by thinking like peoples far away from us. Thus traveling opens new methods to try for your very local problem using a wide range of possibilities to solve.

Travelling Truly Opens Your Mind

Travelling will let you met different paths chosen by different people. You may even encounter with customs which is taboo in your society. All these differences are maintained and well acknowledged by people like you. You see how common and also different we are at the same time. This makes you open minded and less judgmental to other ways of life. And with an open mind, you see different opportunities what other may not even want to think because of their bigotry.

Travel Helps You Discover Yourself

Travelling encounters you with so many people with so many faces, ideas, customs, faiths. You face only differences bonded by only one simple truth. And that is we all are human. It helps you realize that humanity was never a straight path to follow.

Finding out your weakness and use it as your strength is the best way to win. Travelling makes you believe that you are not epic in any way. Different race and ethnicity will seem a more logical way of our world. You will try to work with all these differences which will give provide you the more meaningful outcome.

Behind every great human endeavor, you will find creativity. And you can achieve it traveling bewildering view hidden in every inch of this planet. So, pack your luggage, get started.