Arts is an integral part modern life without which, life would seem worthless. There are constant but critical changes in the way we live each day.  These changes have affected the aspects of life including culturally, socially and technologically.

These adjustments emerge from the trends in arts and designs. The design is responsible for the contemporary innovations. It is, therefore, not possible to ignore the critical role that Arts/creativity and design in the modern arts play to improve the quality of lives for the human race.

What Inspires Creativity in Arts/Design?

Rapidly changing technology is the main inspiration for the increasing innovation.  The development in Arts/design has triggered the emergence of various trends and patterns. For instance, the development in the fashion industry has fostered a generation of different clothing trends. These patterns depict different designs.

Consequently, a significant growth of the cosmetic industry is evident today. With this in mind, creativity in design has given birth to new forms of products. As a result, cultural and social integration has significantly changed. The contemporary global society has taken a new shape due to the present trends. Most of these changing trends are in fashion and design as well as in technological evolution.

Technology as a Reference

Technology shifts are the key recommendations for Arts creativity. Over the last decade, new products and services emerge. Today, the world is comparable to a global village. All credit goes to the development of modern communication devices such as mobile phones. People from all corners of the world can share information with ease through online platforms such as email address, chat forums like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter. Creativity has inspired the development of modern architectural designs. These designs are evident in; modern cities, infrastructural design and recreational facilities just to name a few.

How is Arts/Creativity or Design Being Enhanced

From a design perspective, there is much creativity evident with the increased rate of digital skills. However, there is a rising demand for designers to generate more models. It is because market demand is steadily increasing. These claims occur due to the quick rate at which technology is advancing. Therefore, a modern form of art is adopted in higher institutions of learning including Universities and Colleges. It has triggered a steady rise of innovation.

Learning Institutions to Spearhead Arts/ Design

Contemporary designers in digital technologies have expressed their views about the future changes in models. Designers hold the opinion that art design is changing rapidly. It is most likely that the world is in the era of a major transition. Therefore, there is a need for the institutions of learning to increase their investment in modern forms of Arts/designs and creativity. It will equip learners with skills and knowledge on the modern forms of design. Moreover, it will inspire more creativity which will further steer improvement of different dorms of designs.

In conclusion, contemporary improvement in designs has inspired creativity over the last decade. These changes have caused shifts in cultural, technological and social aspects of modern living for most people. As a result, there has been improved living condition following the social integration in the world. There is still greater chances for changes in design following the adoption of contemporary designs as learning tools in colleges and Universities.