Bathrooms are one of the most important rooms in the house, but sadly no one seems to care. People would rather remodel the garage than the bathroom. But all hope is not lost. You can give your bathroom the respect that it deserves and remodel or redesign it to give it a fresh modern look. Besides the bathroom occupies just a tiny fraction of the whole house, hence renovating it wouldn’t be so difficult or take much time. And it will of course cost way less.

Here are a few pointers of how to go about your bathroom remodel and redesign.


Bathroom redesign will help declutter the room. This will make it easier to trace an item without turning the bathroom upside down and creating a mess. How do you go about it? Get a spice rack or wall mounted shelves as they occupy less space unlike cabinets.

Get a colorful basket to store your towels. This ensures clean towel is available when needed. Remember to fold or roll them neatly.

Fix towel bars to dry the towels faster and avoid that musty towel smell.

Quality over quantity

When doing a bathroom redesign always choose quality over quantity. It’s best to buy one quality item rather than three items for that same price. The point here is to avoid buying unnecessary stuff that just fills the bathroom.

Bathroom accessories

These will enhance the look of the bathroom and make it elegant and sophisticated.

Wall and floor tiles- having bright, colorful tiles will add more color to your bathroom and make it more stylish than having a boring monochrome color that is dull.

Mirror- a mirror will add more light and sparkle to the bathroom. It also makes a small bathroom seem larger than it is. You will be surprised by just how the magic touch of a mirror can transform your bathroom.

Lighting accessories- The mood of the bathroom can also be improved by installing stylish lighting. Warm lighting accessories such as small pendant bulbs are an excellent choice. When the lights are turned on there is no doubt you will just fall in love with the sight of your bathroom.