Up to 10 years ago, contemporary art was considered a hard material but today it has become glamor, which means that the world of fashion loves to surround itself with art, to attend the “collateral” events of artistic events, in particular, art fairs, become true red carpet where models, showbiz personalities, fashion designers screaming. But what are the professional ambitions of those who aspire to work in the art world? And what are the 5 perfect jobs? After the 5 works ideal for all book lovers, we offer the 5 perfect jobs for those who love art and culture.


For Galleria, we mean the gallery assistant. Most coveted by the very young, fresh from higher studies, for various reasons: contacts with renowned artists, travel to reach the exhibition sites spread all over the world, access to the armored after-show parties. I remember a little book on the label in the art published in New York a few years ago and I was particularly struck by this phrase “the gallery assistants are not required to speak unless they are asked to do so”.

Independent curators

I wonder why what in all other categories of work is called freelance, in art, we must call independent. In essence, they are those curators who do not work for institutions or museums but for temporary projects for several clients. They feel freer, more multidisciplinary, but as soon as a competition for a museum is published, they catapult themselves.


They are now thousands. Specifically, you never know what they do but say they take care of art. Their priority is to always find the right outfit for every occasion. How to blame them? Drinking a drink on the terrace of the Guggenheim in Venice is one thing, going to the opening of an indoor gallery, quite another … And the terror of being overdressed? Dressing or undressing, this is the problem.

Art blogger

If in the fashion world they have been for a while, in the art world it is a fairly recent category. The dynamic is more or less the same. If your blog has the numbers, you will be invited to the opening, to the dinners. The only difference is that you will not turn with a picture under your arm or a light installation on your head. Winking at brands, dressing their creations is certainly less cumbersome. But soon it will be the turn of fashion bloggers passionate about art.

Curator of the document

Every young curator from every part of the world, independent, institutional, part-time, aspiring, dreams of being the curator of one of the two events. Moreover, they are the most important in the world. When you have edited a document, you can also withdraw. Of course, in the art world, only if you have reached 70 years and have cured in the meantime hundreds of exhibitions all over the world, especially in the areas considered the new art markets: Emirates, China, India, Brazil, and Mexico.