As Joel Stein called them in the TIME’s article, the “Me Me Me Generation”, millennials are often criticized for being selfish and lazy. Roughly born between 1980 and 2000, Millennials are associated with being materialistic, entitlement and rule breakers. But these exact characteristics is what makes them so incredibly creative and it may just save us from ourselves.

Hierarchy? What is that?

Millennials believe in themselves and their ideas. Existing structures, bureaucracy and hierarchy are systems that bother them. Given, sometimes they are stubborn and know-it-alls, but in an attempt to be authentic and free, they often create their entirely own systems that older generations hadn’t considered. This creativity to achieve what they want and more importantly, HOW they want it, opens new doors for new opportunities.

Challenging Conventions

When one stops questioning the already established, eventually we will remain stuck. If no one would have questioned the accepted norms, who knows, maybe the world would still be flat right now. If there is one thing this generation is good at, it is an ongoing curiosity and a ubiquitous interest in challenging the established. In order to see flaws, to make assumptions and to open up to new things a certain creative immaturity is of great use. This generation is able to connect things, see things and visualize in ways that were previously taboo.

Resourceful, flexible and adaptable

Millennials grew up in a time of increasing globalism. The world is shrinking and to many of them, it was never any different. There is no longer the need to be so settled, to be so structured. Millennials are vastly resourceful and flexible and in consequence, adapt. Partly based on their technological mindset, partly based on the lack of fatalistic order, there is no problem too big to be solved with a bit of creativity.


The notion that artists are lost souls that couldn’t hack it in the real world is outdated. Platforms such as youtube, facebook, and Instagram have helped plenty of them to impressive fortune. But even in the everyday life, more and more millennials are being hired for precisely their creative problem-solving abilities that make them stand out. Being a little weird may have been frowned upon in the past, but standing out now, being different and authentic is what makes the difference.

Connecting the unconnectable

As William Plomer said: “Creativity is the power to connect to the seemingly unconnected.”

So many more jobs, careers, and passions exist than just a few years ago. Millennials are authentic, resourceful and will not conform to an office job in something they do not like. If they have a passion, they will find a way to use it and in the process, discover entire new job opportunities. They have the capability to connect their passions, play around with them and mold them to their needs and desires.

If there is one thing that Millennials are it is creative, and this may just be what will ultimately save us.