The world is a beautiful place to live in. It is filled with beauty and magnificence. Each place in the world has its own marvelous way of life. It has its own culture and traditions that gives its unique and diverse trademark. And what’s constant in this world is change.

There is change everywhere. Every year, many things change in different fields and industries. And I believe it’s because of creativity. The imagination of every person in this world is filled with creativity. This gives them the power to make a change here in our world. So how can creativity change the world? Here are the ways.

By New Ideas

Many people have ideas but very few have great ones. And these people have imaginations that fly out of their heads soaring to different heights. That is their creativity. If the people have vast ideas they can create many things. They can fill this world with marvelous and awesome ideas turned into reality. And with it, they can make a change.

People just have to believe in themselves and be optimistic. In positive people comes the imagination of great wealthy creativity. It is important to have faith in one’s self in order to create change.

By Creating New Ideas from Old Ones

As we grow we learn new things. And as we learn new things, sooner we learn more. You see, we can create new things from old things just as we learn new things from old ones. This is like relearning an old skill making it new. Just like recycling things.

Garbage or old materials are saved and remade to become new objects letting us reuse it. This is a good way in changing our world. We can help save the environment by recycling and create new trends with these reusable materials.


By Creating Heritage, Culture, and Traditions

Creativity is created from our minds flourishes to become reality. Heritage, Cultures, and traditions are things that creativity can create. Through the imaginative mind of people, they create forms of art that are turned into these things. From prehistoric times to the modern times we have these things because of the great minds of humanity.

Our mind is powerful. It just needs to be molded in order to make great ideas. That is why there are different and amazing cultures and traditions in the world. It’s because of the thinking of our people.

By Creating Opportunities for People

Our mind is a powerful thing. And with this, we can think of ways to create opportunities for people. We can create work for everyone here in this world. If we could just think more of other people’s needs and worth, we can make this world a better place to live in. In third world countries, many people are jobless.

That is why if we have created in us we can help think of ways on how to create more jobs for them. There will be more people that can live abundantly and lesser people who are starving. Through works, they can also pay for their children’s education and can help them have jobs as well in the future.

I believe through the creative minds of different people we can make a change. Let us be inspired and think of more ideas that will make this world a better place. Give everybody a chance to have a fruitful living. Make this world a wonderful place to live in. Hopefully this coming year there will be a positive change in this world. Let’s give chance to one another for a new life.