Your friend who is an art lover has an occasion. You want to gift them with something that will last for a long time to come but you have no idea what to offer them. One of the things that you must do is to consider what they like and in this case, art is an option. With the many options that are there, you will find something fascinating to offer them. 

Give Them a Copy of a Masterpiece

There are many legend artists, especially from Europe. From Pablo Picasso, Monet to Vincent Van Gogh, there is a lot of art masterpieces out there. A copy of such great works of art makes a unique and perfect gift to an art lover. It might be an expensive option but worth the investment lest assured that any art lover would like one.

Their Painted Photos

This is a gift that even when one is not an art enthusiast will love. It’s a unique gift that not many people will think about gifting someone. They don’t have to know what you are planning since all you will need is their portrait which is easy to get. However, it’s paramount that you get a professional to do it so as to bring out the best in the painting. This is actually one of the most impressive gifts that you can offer someone.

An Art History Book

Art has a long history from time immemorial. Art has changed and it has transformed the world significantly but one thing remains clear, it’s ever compelling. For an art lover, they want to learn more about art, famous artists and what influenced them, where they can get masterpieces and various eras in the history of art. There are several relevant books that will make a great gift.

Get Them a Starter Kit

Perhaps they would like to try their hand in painting or they are already enrolled in an art school. If this is the case, you can get them a set of quality art supplies. The kit should include all they need to start painting such as pastels, paints, canvas, and pencils among other essentials. This will help them practice something they love. The kit should be well designed for proper organization. With a painting kit that is portable, they can work from where especially when nature inspires them.